An list of games I have released so far.

Offspring A game made for the September 2011 EGP where the them was "offspring". It's a bullet hell shooter in which you have to defeat a robot and her evil offspring. This is my second flash game.

Last Man Standing My first Flash game made using Stencyl is a simple tower defence game in which you have to protect a tower from an army of oncoming robots.

Zycle A take on Cannabaly style gameplay using more than one button and a motorbike. Made for the May 2011 EGP where the theme was "Zoom".

Ballon Maze A Maze game in which you need to collect ballons to exit the level. Collect enough balloons to gain access to a hidden area.

Type Runner A two player race game in which you must type the correct word or answer a question to move down the track. Made for the TIG Source 2 Player competition.

Deckchair Invaders A Space Invaders style game for the January 2011 EGP where the theme was "inanimate".

Santa Claus: Score Attack A game made to get me in the Christmas Spirit one year. Help Santa deliver the presents by throwing them down the chimney from his sleigh.

Keyboard Quickdraw An experimental 2 player game in which you must beat your opponent to push a key on the keyboard.

Zombies Ate My Tomatoes Split your time between battling zombies and growing tomatoes in the worlds first gardening sim set during the zombie apocalypse.

Fashion Parade A game made for the October 2010 EGP where the challenge was to make a game for the opposite sex. Dress your model to fit a given theme and be scored on how how well you did.

Neon Rain An experimental game made for the September 2010 EGP where the theme was "neverending".

Tug O War A 2 player game where players must fight for control of the mouse.

Lazer Joust (2 Player) Lazer Joust. is a 2 player only dual game played with both players using the same keyboard. The game takes place on hoverboards over a pit of lava.

AAAAA Reckless Indie Demake This is my entry for the GameJolt Indie Demake contest and is an oldskool demake of Dejobaan's base jumping game AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA! A Reckless Disregard for Gravity.